About Us

&flix, the latest addition to Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd’s (ZEEL) English cluster, is the ultimate destination for smash hit Hollywood movies catering to avid movie fanatics who seek enthrallment and covet challenges. &flix offers a Hollywood movie premiere every week for the audience who wants to ‘Leap Forth’ and break out of the orbit of sameness, experiencing a whole new world of unlimited possibilities.
From action and drama to comedy and animation, its spectacular library hosts a compelling mix of genres for the Indian viewers presenting a larger than life movie viewing experience. The channel will showcase its movies under unique properties like Flix First Premiere, Best Flix Forever, Late Night Flix and FamJam Flix amongst others which will bring smash hits and franchises to Indian screens. The line-up of movies includes Spiderman: Homecoming, Baby Driver, Life, The Emoji Movie, The Atomic Blonde, Jumanji and Blade Runner 2049 amongst others.
&Flix launches in SD and HD feed at 1 PM, Sunday, June 3.
The channel will be available across DTH and digital cable platforms.